Koos is trustworthy and personable. He never leaves you with the impression that you are a job to him. I was always left with the impression that I am important and that I matter. I found Koos to be kind, understanding, sincere but stern and results driven. Koos empowered me to be enable at a time that I didn't think I could find the right way.
E. Gerpinis - Financial and HR Manager

I honestly enjoyed working with Koos, he is highly effective at reducing the anxiety caused by traumatic events and leading a traumatised individual back into a sense of normality very quickly!
I. Laurens - Key Account Manager

Always available, versatile, practical and helpful!
A. Kitchen - Director

Koos held a Stress Management Course for our Sales and Recruitment Consultants, which helped everyone a lot. He also did Trauma Counselling to staff and family members. Koos is always very professional and his courses that he provides are actually helpful and useful in your day to day life. I truly recommend Koos to any Company or Private person that might need his specialized services.
H. Oosthuizen - Operations Manager

I did some one-on-one consultations with Koos, my time management, stress management and performance improved and I have been able to maintain a much bigger workload by being able to plan and manage my day better.
V. Barrett - Director

When I met Koos I was in a very difficult position, I felt lost, like a passenger in my own body just going along for the ride....my mental condition had deteriorated to the extent that I didn't know who I was anymore.....in the 10 sessions I spent with Koos I found myself growing stronger and happier with every session.... Not only did I remember who I was but I realized who I wanted to become.
S. Vetter - Sales Manager

I have used the services of Koos on several occasions in bringing a vital message to many staff who work under increasing stress in today's world. Koos delivers a powerful presentation on stress management which everyone can identify with and benefit from. I can highly recommend Koos and his programmes which have contributed enormously to the well being of all my employees.
P. Cheetham - Managing Director